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About Us

About Us

The Cruelty Free Festival (CFF) is THE event of the year for animal lovers. CFF is designed to encourage all animal lovers – from all walks of life – to celebrate and enjoy cruelty-free lifestyle options. CFF is full of inspiring new ways to help animals. Festival-goers leave feeling warm and fuzzy inside and full of new ideas to make a change and help end animal suffering.

If you have ever wondered if there was something more you could do to help animals, but you weren’t sure where to start, or if you have ever felt like it was all too hard, then CFF is for you. It is a showcase of how easy cruelty-free living can really be. Some people become members of animal advocacy groups, others are inspired to make lifestyle changes – any change is a great step towards making a better world.

In 2005 the not-for-profit charity Animal Liberation presented the first Cruelty Free Living Festival. Since then, CFF has grown to one of the biggest and best across Australia attracting interest from all around the globe. The initial focus was to encourage us all to find ways we can reduce animal cruelty in Australia.

When we think, for example, that many pet shops purchase puppies from puppy farms (which are like intensive farms for dogs), then a simple choice to rescue a life from a shelter, rather than buying from a pet shop, has a great impact and helps stop animal cruelty.

We can all work towards a more cruelty-free lifestyle and CFF is a great place to start that journey. Many people leave the festival feeling more open to changing even just one aspect of their lifestyle that will assist animals.

See below for the people helping to create this year’s event. To be one of them, go to our Volunteers webpage to sign up!

Mission Statement

To create a welcome environment and provide people with the options, inspiration and motivation to make cruelty-free lifestyle choices.

2016 Volunteer Crew Members

Lara Hodge – Event Manager


Graphic Design:

Kerri Langworthy-Ward – Chief
Ashleen Pearce
Emma French


Website & Social Media:

Web Developer – Nancy Chen
Facebook – Lara Hodge
Twitter – Claire Douglas
Instagram – Cherie Tu
Pinterest – Brisa Edney Reyes
Tumblr – Rhianna Katen

Festival Writers:

Elena Wewer
Brisa Edney Reyes
Sania Saeed
Carla Toyne
Lucy Rutherford


Information Desk/Shop:

Zarah Kerley - Manager
Ashleen Pearce - Shop Mgr
Cherie Tu
Vanessa Mason
Marissa Hanson
Rachael Cox
Steven Lewanski
Bridges Giri
Debbie Blundell – Directional signage

Entry Ticketing:

Michelle Carpenter Manager
Steve Richards – Assist. Mgr
Hannah-Kate Freeman
Olivia Porazinska
Bronwyn Hughes
Felicia Wong
Samantha Price
Natsuko Yokoyama
Holly Helprin

VIP Speakers:

Emma Hurst – Host/Manager
Yashvi Shah – Assist. Mgr
Carly Chalmers
Mariana Montoya
Sania Saeed
Jeanette Schaeche

Main Stage:

Billie-Rose HarveyManager
Nicholas Buckholtz – Assist. Mgr
Thomas Rusin
Carla Toyne
Eli Harvey
Daniel Rusin
Kinga Marton


Fashion Parade:

Nathan Vumbaca - Manager
Lisa Beveridge
Rhianna Katen
Callie Heaton
Stacy Dexter
Casandra Naing
Helen Sweeney – Head MUA
Chloe Hoschke – MUA Assist
Amielee Bonnici – Head Hair
Keelyn McLatchie – MUA/Hair Assist
Traci Grithiffs
Monica Albia
Alison Peck
Ashlee Peck
Susan Kendrick
Samantha Aungle
Samira Spring
Grace Bancroft
Karen Zhou
Christopher Mulcaster
Jeremy Weston

Animal Art Show:

Timmy Niederer – Manager
Roseanne Linich - Manager
Lynda Stoner – Judge
Susanne Briggs – Judge
Johanna Tunks
Carol Ashton
Paige Strudwick
Mahlie Jewell
Pru Rousselot
Dionne Soper-Dyer

Speed Dating:

Karen Hamilton – Manager
Kate Graham – Assist. Mgr
Brayden Ashton
Eliza Vince
Miranda Longhurst
Kelly Chen

Kids’ Corner:

Emma Kerin – Manager
Patricia Oertlinger – Assist. Mgr
Nele Tiessen
Isobel Bonello
Carli Saber
Lan Hai Anh Tran
Llewellyn Jones
Georgia Wilson-Williams
Ella Hirst

Raffle & Showbags:

Claire Douglas – Coordinator
Brindy  Sritharan – Raffle Assist
Carla Toyne - Showbag packer
Holly Helprin - Showbag packer
Pru Rousselot - Showbag packer


Stephanie Boyce – Sales Mgr
Gregory Lyons – Assist Sales Mgr
Chernal Salahuddin
Laura Blumer
Erin Lecky
Chloe Underhill
Karen Wong
Melanie Connell
Lisa Blundell
Krysta McMah
Vanessa Mason
Debora Luana Monego
Steven Lewanski
Andrew Bailey
Brisa Edney Reyes – Raffle Mascot


Gabrielle Clement
Christina Gourvelos
Vanessa Davie
Christian Seidenberg

Operations + set-up & pack-down: 

Mick Hodge - Safety Officer & Floor Manager
Mark Nestor - Set-up & Pack-down Manager
Jasmine Mulligan
Leann Chan
Chloe Underhill
Andrew Dudley
Carla Toyne
Gregory Lyons
Isabelle Savage
Damon Salakas


Kate Chan – Manager


Our 2016 Sponsors!

A huge thanks to our sponsors! Please support them where you can :)

Endangered Gold Sponsors
Lord of the Fries Suzy Spoon’s THE-V-SPOT
Rare Silver Sponsors
Scarce Bronze Sponsors & Supporters
November Media Cruelty Free Super Arbonne Independent Consultant Sue Bishop The Atticism PR The Urban Hotel