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When: Sunday 22 October 10am-5pm

Where: The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney CBD


Early bird online ticket sales are now available! Only $5 + booking fee via MOSHTIX. Children under 12 free! Please book online for all attendees (including children 11 years and under, using the free ticket option). Otherwise, entry fee is $10 for anyone aged 12 or over at the door. Tickets will be emailed to you – please present printed ticket or display email confirmation at the door.


The Cruelty Free Festival (CFF) is THE event of the year for animal lovers. CFF is designed to encourage all animal lovers – from all walks of life – to celebrate and enjoy cruelty-free lifestyle options.

In 2005 the not-for-profit charity Animal Liberation presented the first Cruelty Free Living Festival. Since then, CFF has grown to one of the biggest and best across Australia attracting interest from all around the globe. The initial focus was to encourage us all to find ways we can reduce animal cruelty in Australia.

CFF is full of inspiring new ways to help animals. Festival-goers leave feeling warm and fuzzy inside and full of new ideas to make a change and help end animal suffering.

If you have ever wondered if there was something more you could do to help animals, but you weren’t sure where to start, or if you have ever felt like it was all too hard, then CFF is for you. It is a showcase of how easy cruelty-free living can really be. Some people become members or volunteers at animal advocacy groups, others are inspired to make lifestyle changes – any change is a great step towards making a better world.

When we think, for example, that many pet shops purchase puppies from puppy farms (which are like intensive farms for dogs), then a simple choice to rescue a life from a shelter, rather than buying from a pet shop, has a great impact and helps stop animal cruelty.

We can all work towards a more cruelty-free lifestyle and CFF is a great place to start that journey. Many people leave the festival feeling more open to changing even just one aspect of their lifestyle that will assist animals.

Mission Statement

To create a welcome environment and provide people with the options, inspiration and motivation to make cruelty-free lifestyle choices.

The 4 main reasons why you should go vegan

By Julie Courtemanche

Veganism is much more than a trend or a diet: it is an authentic way of seeing and experiencing the world. It is a straightforward approach to taking care of yourself while protecting other living beings and our planet. Let’s have a look at the four main reasons to choose a vegan diet.

Reason 1: To improve your health

Whether you believe it or not but there is no need for you to consume animal products to be healthy. In fact, the opposite is true. “But what about proteins???” is probably the most regular question you hear when you are vegan. Well, there are plenty of them in a plant-based diet! Lentils, beans, peas, spinach, almonds, tahini, chia seeds are full of proteins, but also fibres, calcium… The vegan diet offers your body everything it needs. You just need to ensure you get enough vitamin B12 (available in some plant milks, some soy products, some breakfast cereals and in B12 supplements).

Several studies have shown that a vegan diet reduces the incidence of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, and even some types of cancer. A plant-based diet is even the only treatment scientifically proven to reverse heart disease. Absence of cholesterol and the high fibre content in the vegan diet, no smoking and exercise are keys to prevent coronary heart disease.

Another important reason why eating animals is not good for you is that their meat or flesh is simply not healthy. Elevated levels of mercury, lead, or microplastics are found in wild fish. Livestock meat can contain dangerous bacteria. To top it all, farmed fish ingest loads of medicines to fight disease. You do not deserve such a poor treatment: eat fruits, not meat!

Reason 2: To care about other living beings

By giving up animal products, you would stop the suffering and killing of millions of innocent living animals. There is no such thing as “humane” farming, you can treat them well and respect them as much as you want, there is no mercy in killing animals just for eating something you do not need.

Farmed animals feel pain, joy, pleasure, fear as much as you or your pet, and when the time of their death sentence comes, they are as afraid as you would be. It is the same for fish: they die harpooned and from suffocation, or may even be processed alive. Of course, animal consumption makes animals suffer!

There are also collateral victims to this mass slaughter. Native predators and carnivores deemed a threat to animal farming are killed and poisoned, while non-targeted fish species in oceans are trapped in the same nets and die without purpose.

Even better: animal farming disappearance would put an end to world hunger. Farmed animals use much more food than they provide, and we could feed 4 billion more people with existing croplands if they were dedicated to human consumption. Malnutrition affects 1 in 9 human being and kills over 3 million children under five per year: it is worth changing your habits, don’t you think?

Reason 3: To protect the planet

We only have one planet, it is beautiful, and provides everything we need to thrive, if we respect it. However, we are asking too much of it now. Our behaviours and consumption habits are endangering the Earth which means we are directly threatening our own lives and those of our children.

Overfishing is killing life in our oceans and dangerously changing their balance. It is unfortunate, as oceans regulate Earth’s climate and provide 70% of the oxygen we breathe. A halt in fish consumption would give marine life a chance to replenish.

Livestock is also responsible for freshwater loss, water and air pollution, habitat loss, soil erosion, rainforest destruction and increasing emissions of methane in our atmosphere… These combined factors make animal farming the main cause of global warming. You see how much damage is done for a few seconds of pleasure!

Reason 4: To create a better “you”

By adopting a plant-based diet, you would have a much better heart. In both ways: your “big muscle” would be stronger and you would feel relieved not to hurt animals or the planet anymore.

The vegan diet makes you a better cook. You would get to know cereals and vegetables you have never heard of before, new recipes and tastes. You could be creative while saving money and using less plastic. Indeed, your grains and cereals can be bought in bulk while you can bring your reusable bags to collect your vegetables and fruits at the grocery.

If you adopt a real plant-based diet, you could also be fitter, more enduring and smell better. Your healthier diet can only positively impact your personal life. Your physical performance would also be improved on the field, the track or wherever else it matters… people say.

4 effective ways to protect animals

By Julie Courtemanche

You love animals and would like to do a bit more than taking care of your kitty? You believe animals are sentient living beings and that we should consider them with more respect? You want your grand-children to be able to see wildlife elsewhere than in a zoo?

You don’t know how to start, do you? Well, let’s have a look at 4 complementary ways to protect our beloved animals.

1: Say no to single-use plastic

8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year which can be entangled or ingested by our wildlife. Indeed, 90% of seabirds would already have ingested plastics and an estimated 5,000 to 15,000 sea turtles in Northern Australia alone are entangled in plastic each year.

These figures are scary but the good news is that everybody can easily do something to change it! We just need to say bye-bye to single-use plastic items and make some “swaps”:

Swap this For this
Takeaway coffee cups Reusable cups/Sit-in mug or cup
Cling wrap Reusable containers
Plastic straws Stainless steel straws or no straw at all
Plastic drink bottles Reusable/Stainless steel bottles
Plastic shopping bags Reusable shopping bags

These are easy actions to undertake to put a stop to our outrageous use of single-use plastic. It won’t cost us and it will spare our wildlife. See how easy it is!

All the plastic you could not avoid, reuse or recycle it. You may also join beach cleaning actions.

2: Join a conservation group

You can’t endure the suffering of elephants, seal pups or abandoned cats anymore but you don’t know what you can do about it? Get in touch with a conservation group!

By joining one of those organisations, you can get involved in many ways depending on your time, skills and interest. Each group has its own particularities and way of taking action. You just need to find the right match!

Collective action gives you the opportunity to be part of something bigger and make your voice heard, with more impact. These organisations are very effective at creating positive change from local to global levels, by rescuing animals, publishing conservation studies, raising awareness of the public about environmental issues or by influencing politicians and private companies.  They will be more than happy if you can help: with so many issues to solve and limited resources, support is always welcomed!

3: Go vegan

Let’s stop beating around the bush! Obviously, the most straightforward way to protect animals is to adopt a plant-based diet. By not consuming animal products, you directly contribute to halt the suffering and mass killing of billions of them.

Putting a stop to meat and flesh eating would significantly help protect wildlife. Indeed, millions of predators and carnivores, bold enough to lust after our livestock, are decimated each year while millions of by-catch fish are trashed and die for no reason in our oceans.

Above all, livestock is the leading cause for biodiversity loss and climate change. Habitats, all over the planet, are destroyed to create new pastures for cattle or produce crops to feed them. Livestock and its feed now covers more than 40% of the land worldwide. Native animals experience the confiscation of their food, water and habitat resources and their number decline.

4: Buy sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free products

Another simple action to protect animals is to ensure they are not suffering and dying because of your makeup, skincare, haircare, bath, or body care products. Testing products on animals is useless and mere torture. Only buy cruelty free products, there are plenty of them available.

Also, please let sharks and other species where they belong and save your money. This is a myth that you can avoid getting sick by consuming shark cartilage nutritional complements. Do you truly believe that you would become clever by ingesting Einstein’s brain? Sorry but, to be healthier and cleverer, vegetables, exercise and books are much better bets!

One more thing regarding the products you buy: ensure they are sustainably and ethically sourced. Mass consumption products such as palm oil, cocoa or sugar are highly destructive for the environment. It may be difficult to avoid them (even if not impossible), but you can at least choose products sustainably sourced, which will reduce the impact on wildlife and improve workers’ conditions.

See? There are plenty of little changes for your daily life which will make animals thank you.


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