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When: Sunday 22 October 10am-5pm

Where: The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney CBD


Early bird online ticket sales are now available! Only $5 + booking fee via MOSHTIX. Children under 12 free! Please book online for all attendees (including children 11 years and under, using the free ticket option). Otherwise, entry fee is $10 for anyone aged 12 or over at the door. Tickets will be emailed to you – please present printed ticket or display email confirmation at the door.


The Cruelty Free Festival (CFF) is THE event of the year for animal lovers. CFF is designed to encourage all animal lovers – from all walks of life – to celebrate and enjoy cruelty-free lifestyle options.

In 2005 the not-for-profit charity Animal Liberation presented the first Cruelty Free Living Festival. Since then, CFF has grown to one of the biggest and best across Australia attracting interest from all around the globe. The initial focus was to encourage us all to find ways we can reduce animal cruelty in Australia.

CFF is full of inspiring new ways to help animals. Festival-goers leave feeling warm and fuzzy inside and full of new ideas to make a change and help end animal suffering.

If you have ever wondered if there was something more you could do to help animals, but you weren’t sure where to start, or if you have ever felt like it was all too hard, then CFF is for you. It is a showcase of how easy cruelty-free living can really be. Some people become members or volunteers at animal advocacy groups, others are inspired to make lifestyle changes – any change is a great step towards making a better world.

When we think, for example, that many pet shops purchase puppies from puppy farms (which are like intensive farms for dogs), then a simple choice to rescue a life from a shelter, rather than buying from a pet shop, has a great impact and helps stop animal cruelty.

We can all work towards a more cruelty-free lifestyle and CFF is a great place to start that journey. Many people leave the festival feeling more open to changing even just one aspect of their lifestyle that will assist animals.

Mission Statement

To create a welcome environment and provide people with the options, inspiration and motivation to make cruelty-free lifestyle choices.

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