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What’s Happening

Opening hours: Sunday 22 October 2017 10am-5pm.

Cruelty Free Festival provides a full day of activities and entertainment to delight everyone who loves animals.


Early bird online ticket sales are now available! Only $5 + booking fee via MOSHTIX. Children under 12 free! Please book online for all attendees (including children 11 years and under, using the free ticket option). Otherwise, entry fee is $10 for anyone aged 12 or over at the door. Tickets will be emailed to you – please present printed ticket or display email confirmation at the door.

VIP Speakers stage and Main Stage lineups!

2017 Main Stage lineup announced!

The Main Stage is our entertainment hub, where we profile the very best emcees, singers and musicians who support our cruelty free values.

Our 2017 Main Stage entertainers lineup is as follows (click on image to enlarge) with more detailed info below…







Diana Anaid

Diana Anaid is an alternative Australian singer/songwriter who first rose to national prominence in 1997. Nearly 20 years on, her highly anticipated new album My Queen is set for release, produced by Steve James (Screaming Jets/Skunkhour) and featuring catchy new single “Can’t Apologise”.  Anaid is a stand-out musician who “continues delivering authentic, original music” (Kathy McCabe)”, and is a pioneer of a “Different kind of girl power” (Music Network). In the words of Iain Sheddon “There’s only one Diana Anaid”.


James and Naomi

This talented duo deliver an engaging, unique and captivating blend of acoustic guitars and intricate harmonies, while entertaining audiences with their range of country/folk/pop inspired original tunes and popular covers. James and Naomi are committed to bringing a positive message that reflects their lives and celebrates the human experience in its fullness.


Take yourself on a majestic journey with this gem from Hobart, Tasmania. Folk-pop artist Madelena brings a warmth and openness to her stage shows that instantly draws you into her world. Her voice a fusion of innocence and strength sprinkled with an Australian lilt.

All Truism ‘Lite’

Passionate about animals, the environment and the planet, each member of All Truism is involved in some way with the animal protection movement. All Truism is a five piece but will be performing at the festival as a ‘lite’ version, with two of the members on keyboard and vocals.


Thaylia is an electronic folk singer/songwriter/producer of Greek/Aboriginal heritage, based in Sydney. From mormonism to lesbianism to veganism and a lifelong struggle with addictions, Thaylia has had quite the journey in life. At 23 she discovered her passion for music and picked up an instrument for the very first time. However due to her struggle with addiction it wouldn’t be until a decade later that her true journey in music would begin. She produces her own tracks and  performs in a 3 piece electronic folk band fusing luscious ambient atmospheres with acoustic vibes and complex electronic textures. For the festival she will perform a sweet stripped back acoustic set!

Shock Octopus

Shock Octopus is a two piece acoustic, alternative art-pop band, with members based in Perth and Melbourne. The duo are both vegan/vegetarian and have provided music for activist causes since the band’s inception in 2009. They will play a set of acoustic, piano based songs, around themes that draw upon the band’s activist roots, in addition to their Buddhist/Taoist philosophies on life. Magda from Melbourne band All Truism (also on the CFF bill) will join Michael and Scott on stage to provide angelic vocals, making this a truly collaborative act all the way from Victoria and WA.

Kym Staton 

Kym Staton has been serenading audiences in cafes, bars, pubs and other small venues as a singer/songwriter since 2012, and has performed more than three-hundred gigs at intimate venues around Sydney and Melbourne, honing his skills and stagecraft. 

He has a unique sound, both exotic and earthy, and a wide and eclectic repertoire of blues, jazz and folk covers, weird old songs and unusual originals. Kym is currently preparing to record his live cafe album later this year, which will document his past five years of intimate live performances and expansive repertoire.


MC Pony

MC Pony writes and performs hip hop in a distinctive and heartfelt style, both delighting and educating audiences with her trademark “mindful rhymes for kinder times”. Her Veganthused project is all about “inspiring and encouraging people to explore and embrace veganism”. Despite performing material that raises awareness about animal rights, environmental and social justice issues, an MC Pony show is fun, upbeat, and entertaining – it’s activism with a smile.


2017 VIP Speakersand MCs lineup!

Our VIP Speakers program enlightens and inspires attendees to make positive changes to help save animals from cruelty and exploitation.

Our 2017 Speakers Stage entertainers lineup is as follows (click on the image to enlarge) with more detailed info below…

Clare Mann

Skills to Become a More Powerful Voice for Veganism

Clare Mann is an Australian-based vegan psychologist, best-selling author and passionate animal advocate. She is the co-founder of the Vegan Voices Smartphone App, co-contributor to the Sydney Vegan Club 30-Day Vegan Challenge, contributor to Plant Powered Women and Everyday Vegans.  She provides skills training to help vegans and animal advocates communicate more effectively and animal welfare organisations collaborate for increased effectiveness.

It’s crippling when you can’t communicate what you think and feel about the treatment of animals in society.   Learn how to transform grief and strong emotion into powerful action and learn how to communicate issues more effectively to become a stronger voice for animals.

In this this interactive workshop:

  • Learn strategies to manage grief and anxiety about animal social justice.
  • Understand what you must do to change your mindset and reality.
  • Learn key principles for communicating animal social justice more effectively.
  • Become more confident when speaking about animal and vegan Issues.



Sue Weber

The Art of the Advocate and how to influence your audience ethically

Barrister, Mediator and Life Coach, Sue Weber is also the Greens candidate for Glasshouse in Queensland in the upcoming state election. Growing up on a cattle property in the New England region of NSW, Sue witnessed the harsh realities that farm animals must endure. She has been vegan since 2010 and is passionate about creating a fairer and more equitable life for all farm animals, ending the live export trade and grey hound racing Australia wide. Sue’s talk is to inform advocates how better to get their message across to the general public, how to influence and persuade the target audience based on the three modalities of sight, sound and feelings. What we think about we bring about, so it is important our thoughts are positive. Sue will discuss the use of rapport, authenticity, breathing, listening skills mirroring and matching positive elements of the target audience. There is always a way!


Dr Doug Evans

Reversing Your Biological Age

Doug is a Doctor of Osteopathy, who has been practicing for 35 years, primarily at Arcadia Health Centre and Hopewood Health Centre. These Centres specialise in health improvement and disease recovery through whole foods plant based nutrition and fasting. As a teenager, Doug did work experience on various farms, which involved the exploitation and abuse of many different types animals. This inspired him to become a vegetarian over 42 years ago, an animal activist for over 25 years and then a vegan 23 years ago. Doug’s talk will explore why some populations live a long and healthy life and others don’t. He will explain how a whole foods, plant based vegan diet can not only prevent, but in some cases reverse the disease process, in particular the four main diseases that tend to shorten our lives and or reduce its quality – cardiovascular disease, cancer diabetes and dementia. He will compare the lifestyles, particularly diets, of peoples/populations/cultures that live longer with less disease (eg. the Okinawans, Rural Chinese, Loma Lynda) with those who do not (eg. Americans and Australians). He will show how the vegan diet has the added advantage of having no animal protein, yet can build muscle for competitive body builders and other athletes. To obtain optimum health on any diet, vegan or otherwise, it is necessary to eat more unprocessed plant foods combined with less fat, less animal protein and less refined carbs. The findings of some of the scientifically verified long term studies will be mentioned as supporting information, as well as examples of some of his patients who have had remarkable recoveries on this type of a diet.

Both the Strong Bones & the Fasting talk has been filmed at the Natural Health Society seminars and can be seen on Facebook or Youtube.

Bede Carmody (A Poultry Place)

Rooster Respect

Bede stopped eating animals as a New Year’s resolution in 1994 and joined Animal Liberation NSW shortly thereafter. In 1999 he moved to country NSW for one year, to help out friends who had an animal sanctuary. The experience impacted on him so much that he stayed on and eventually created his own sanctuary A Poultry Place in 2001. Bede’s talk will focus on the rooster, the most unloved of all those beings referred to as ‘farm animals’. Since 1999 Bede has shared his life with hundreds of these boys developing a deep appreciation for them and desire to improve people’s perception of them. Help Bede celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rooster at the 2017 Cruelty Free Festival!

Alex Vince (Animal Liberation NSW)

Challenging the Pest Epithet

Alex Vince (Animal Liberation NSW) Challenging the Pest Epithet Alex is the Youth Engagement Officer of Animal Liberation, and has worked on issues from the slaughter of Australian native wildlife to the cruelties inherent in factory farming. He is a dedicated abolitionist and proud friend to all animals. Alex’s talk will discuss how, throughout the modern Western world, animals are vanishing at an alarming pace. We know primarily of their disappearance via news media articles announcing the latest in a long line of extinctions, but what becomes of those erased from our consciousness? This presentation seeks to understand what the force of words really are, the mechanisms that perpetuate and propagate it, and apply new understandings of the power of language to question and critique current critical examples of humanity’s (ab)uses of nonhuman animals. From epithets that signal the diminished livelihoods of “pest” species, to the ongoing commercial exploitation of farmed animals, this excavation of the English language aims to fracture common-sense assumptions and foster a more inclusive and kinder worldview.

Mick McIntyre (Second Nature Films / Indievillage)

Power of Documentaries

Renowned award winning filmmaker and cinematographer, Mick McIntyre is a director of films that inspire. He was given a super 8mm movie camera when he was 12 years old and has been making films ever since. Mick has spent 35 years working in the film industry and is passionate about making documentaries that satisfy our thirst for great stories. He has made several documentaries that celebrate our natural environment including What to do about WhalesGaining Ground, and his latest feature film KANGAROO, which examines Australia’s love-hate relationship with its beloved icon. A key aspect to any good film is a pre-existing, engaged audience. Mick will explain how to build this audience and create interest that leads to engagement.  The Independent newspaper placed KANGAROO in the “Must See Films” at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  Mick will talk about his experiences making documentaries for the last 25 years and what power these films can have in today’s changing world.

Dr Kevin and Flavia Coleman (USNCOL P/L)

You have no right to remain silent: though what you say may be held against you!

Doctor Kevin Coleman is a GP of 35 years standing, with a background in Public Health and family medicine. Flavia Coleman is a spiritual teacher and speaker of over 30 years. Together they are co-authors of Monkey Business: A Story of Soulmates and Primates. From religion to health, humans have lived with a collective cultural myth, a form of social hypnosis, of the need for blood sacrifice of those deemed of lesser importance than ourselves. None more so that in animal research and in particular vivisection. The aim of their talk is to pull back the veil as they explore these myths and how and why they are being perpetuated, for as long as they have. They will give the audience karma free tools for self empowerment for health, vitality and spirituality and in turn what it is that people can do in order to empower others.

Kris Goetz (mylk Revolution)

How to kickstart your happy and healthy dairy-free lifestyle

Trying to find a cure for her severe chronic headaches, Kris was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s in 2008. Instead of recommending life-style and nutritional changes, her health practitioners pointed her towards medication and recommended to move onto a low-lactose diet, while increasing her dairy consumption to ensure sufficient calcium intake. She only realised the full power of nutrition in 2013. Kris then gained certification as a health coach, made conscious food choices and completely changed her diet, so much so that she can safely say today, her headaches are history, she has boundless energy, is 13kg lighter and enjoys every bite of her dairy-free food. Kris now leads the mylk Revolution and developed the 7 day Kickstarter, the program she wished existed when she was first diagnosed with lactose intolerance – because she believes that everybody deserves to be happy and healthy. Kris’ hope is that her own story, the fact that going dairy-free and ultimately vegan has changed her whole life, will get many people thinking and inspire others to make the same sorts of choices. To live by the values they believe in.

Bailey Mason

End Dolphin Captivity

Bailey is a 15 year old vegan activist, promoting animal rights. He writes articles for the online publication The Big Smoke about veganism, including articles covering the dairy industry, pig farming, zoos and much more. Bailey is most dedicated to ending dolphin captivity in Australia because of its inherent cruelty, having been inspired by the documentary films Blackfish and The Cove. His presentation is about ending dolphin captivity worldwide, including Australia’s two last facilities Dolphin Marine Magic in NSW and Sea World in QLD. He will be talking about the cruelty involved in the capture and kidnapping of dolphins and how we can free dolphins from tanks in Australia.

Dr Maggie Rose

The Emotional Lives of Animals

Maggie has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and she maintains a private practice in the Sydney CBD where she sees adults and couples who present with depression, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders, relationship issues and bereavement (animal and human). She also treats people who are suffering from stress associated with animal activism. Maggie has been a vegetarian for approximately 35 years and a vegan for about 30 years. Her fascinating talk will expore how the scientific community and the agriculture industry continue to deny the similarities between animal and human emotions despite current research. She will present the latest research on the similarities between the emotional lives of humans and animals. Mental illness in animals and humans and the drugs used to treat these conditions will also be discussed.

And our wonderful Speakers Stage MCs for the day are…..

Lynda Stoner, CEO Animal Liberation

Lynda worked as an actor throughout most of her life including theatre, musicals, TV shows including Young Doctors, Cop Shop, Cleudo, The Flying Doctors, Shark’s Paradise and Prisoner and movies including Echoes of Paradise and Crawl.
She has been an animal rights activist for 46 years since reading Professor Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation.” She has been involved in countless sit-ins and rescues and exposes into the cruelty of battery hen facilities, broiler sheds and pig factories.
Lynda also worked at the Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home for people with an intellectual disability as Communications and Fundraising Manager for 5 years. She is currently the CEO of Animal Liberation, and a Director of Animals Australia. She is also the author of a cookbook “Now Vegan!”

Clare Mann

Clare Mann is an Australian-based vegan psychologist, best-selling author and passionate animal advocate. She is the co-founder of the Vegan Voices Smartphone App, co-contributor to the Sydney Vegan Club 30-Day Vegan Challenge, contributor to Plant Powered Women and Everyday Vegans.  She provides skills training to help vegans and animal advocates communicate more effectively and animal welfare organisations collaborate for increased effectiveness.



Emma Hurst

Emma Hurst is a Registered Psychologist, BA(Psy), PGDip(Psy), M(HealthPsy) and the Campaign Director at Animal Liberation, an Australian based charity that works to end the suffering of exploited and confined animals internationally. She has been involved in animal rights for 16 years. At Animal Liberation she works on campaign design, strategy and research to end intensive and partial confinement (free range) farming. In 2015 she also set up an organisation that rehomes animals used in medical research. So far the group has rehomed several hundred animals.

Rescue Dog Photo Exhibition

My Human Family – Rescue Dogs Find a Home

This pop up photographic exhibition will be a feature of this year’s festival. What started as a community art project in 2012, where a call out was done to the community to send images and stories of their rescue dogs, culminated in a tour around the Parliament House exhibition spaces in NSW, Qld and Victoria.

The stories and photographs in this exhibition are a journey with the rescue dogs, showing how their lives often start in sadness, but can end with a new family filled with love and happiness.

2017 Cooking Demo announced!

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the right time to be thinking about gingerbread houses. Watch as mother and daughter duo Karen and Phoebe from Gingerbread Folk build and decorate a gingerbread house! It’s up in a flash thanks to this unique vegan kit including super strong egg-free royal icing. Join the ladies for all the tips and tricks including decorating with a scrumptious selection of vegan lollies…But who will get to eat it!? Gingerbread Folk goodies are palm oil free and packed in compostable film.

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